Having allergies, common cold, asthma or COPD? 

Studies have shown that Acupuncture improves stomach function, making it easier for people with COPD to eat a healthy diet and maintain a normal weight.

Cold/Flu Season Package

How does acupuncture help you to fight cold and flu?

Studies have shown that patients receiving acupuncture have elevated immune-enhancing hormones up to three days after treatment. Acupuncture can help to:

· Prevent cold and flu by boosting the immune system

  • Help you get over the cold or flu faster if you already have it

  •  Reduce chills, fever and body aches

  •  Relieve sore throat and congestion

relieve seasonal allergies with acupuncture

Acupuncture can help relieve seasonal allergies like sinus congestion, itchy, watery eyes, post-nasal drip. It can also help regulate the immune response so it is advised to get start treatment before the symptoms arise to prevent suffering through spring time allergies. 

Acupuncture was shown to be more effective for seasonal sinus allergies than antihistamine drugs in this study: