Today was my third acupuncture treatment by Min Sung and I feel great. On my first visit, Min took the time to explain the techniques she was using and then, with the utmost gentle touch, went to work on me.  Her choice of music and essential oils for aromatherapy enhanced the entire experience.  Looking forward to next week's treatment. Thank you Min! -Jeanine A.-

This is my first time experiencing acupuncture, so I was naturally a bit nervous, but Min Sung made me feel very comfortable and took the time to understand the source of my knee and lower back pain.  I was amazed at how much better I felt immediately after the treatment-almost no pain, better range of motion.  They say you need to be consistent to see long-term results so I'm definitely planning on coming back to MSK.  -Kyle C.-

I initially went to get acupuncture for a few minor health issues but mostly for irregular menses.  After consistently receiving treatments at MSK Wellcare for about 1-2 months, my menses have been regular and even helped me with menstrual cramps!  Min Sung is patient, thorough, and I felt like she really listened to me before deicing which issues to address each session.  I look forward to my appointments every week and not to mention it's a very clean and tranquil environment.  -Charlotte J.-

I've been getting treated from MSK Wellcare for a few years for my chronic pain and even for headache, cold symptoms and indigestion.  Min takes her time to listen to you and very gentle with her treatments.  And her office staff is so nice and makes me feel comfortable to be there.  -Cecilia K.-

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